Centaur Horse Fencing Products

When we launch in May, we will carry all of the Centaur line of products, so please allow me to tell you all about them!

Electric Fencing Options

When it comes to Centaur Fencing, Centaur Electric is my favorite. The products they carry in the vein are simply amazing. Both the Hot Rail and the White Lightning are perfect for any animal enclosure. I almost always install it along with some dormant fence products to save on cost. Generally that means a hot rail on top and bottom with two dormant rails in between. Generally this will stand up to just about anything. I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the elephant pushing on the Centaur fence? If not I’ve included it below here.

Rail Fencing Options

Rail fence at Centaur comes in two varieties as we’ve already discussed: (1) Electric and (2) dormant fencing. electric or “hot” rail is perfect for larger animals like horses that tend to crib and bite at their fencing. dormant fencing is quite a bit cheaper, but doesn’t have the added containment that electric provides. As I mentioned above, I will generally sell both and install them side by side. You generally won’t need a fence made entirely of electric fencing. More info on rail fencing can be found on one of the Centaur fencing sites like this website.

Line Fencing Options

I’m not as big a fan of the line fencing, although using the electric lines can be beneficial. Usually I’m afraid of cutting the horse, but that turn out to be no more than a stigma of the old wire fencing. Centaur’s new HTP line fencing like White Lightning or Polyplus, have a coating of polymer over the outside that prevents any harm for the horse or any other animals while still doing its jobs of containment and protection.

Fence Chargers & Accessories

fence chargerAlong with the various sub-brands of Centaur fencing, we are also carrying all the accessory products needed for installation of fencing. That includes posts, clips, clamps, corner brackets, and definitely fence chargers and energizers for the electric products. the chargers we carry are all of the Stafix brand which is generally the only brand sold along with Centaur products. If you have any questions about chargers or their installation look around over here.

Ok, now that you’ve got a better idea of what we’ve got coming, I have been hoping to explain to you all a bit more about what exactly the Centaur product offers. Obviously they have a wide range of different products, but the flagship material behind Centaur Fence is their HTP products’ High Tensile Polymer material. High tensile polymer is exactly that, its a polymer that has been stretched out to its limit and strung along the outside of a regular steel cable. The advantage? Polymer does not cut the way regular woven steel does. The polymer provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface that will not injure any person or animal leaning up against or running along the fencing.

I love the stuff and I actually sometimes wonder if there might be some other application for the tensile polymer materials :) .

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